The MGB Realm
Raising the dead  (1977 MGB Repairs)

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesPedal Box Shelf Repairs

Pedal box removed

Arch support removed

Shelf removed

New panels


Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesCharcoal Canister Shelf Repairs

Canister shelf rust

Arch support/rust removed

Homemade panel

Under dash view

Shelf repaired


Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesRight Trumpet Repair

Right trumpet rust

Trumpet removed

Another view

Trumpet repaired


Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesEngine Repair (Block good, Head bad)

Tear down 1

Tear down 2

Old & new heads

Old & new heads 2

New paint

Rebuilt Rocker

Rebuilt rocker 2



Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesPassenger Heelboard Extension Repair

Heelboard rust

heelBoard removed

heelBoard prep

heelBoard replaced

heelBoard primed

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesRight Side Sill Repair

Outer Rocker

Dog Leg

Inner Sill

Castle Rot

Sill Removed

Rear Sill Rust

Weld Prep

Rear Sill Repair

Old Jack point

New Sill

New Castle


New Inner Sill

Cockpit view

Outer Rocker New

Outer Rocker New2

Doglog Panel

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesLeft Side Sill Repair

Outer Rocker

Outer Rocker Rear

Squirrel's Nest

Rocker Removed

Box Section


Footwell Prep

Footwell Repair

New Sill

New Sill2

Rear Sill Prep

Rear Sill Prep2

Rear Sill Repair

Ready to Close

New Outrigger

Outer Rocker New

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesDriver Heelboard Extension Repair

Spring Hanger

New Heelboard Welds

Heelboard Done

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesDriver Footwell Repair

Footwell Before

Closer before

Floor removed

Prepfor weld


New panel


Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesDriver Floorpan Repair

Floor Welded

Another view



Ground & Sanded

Floor Primed

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesClutch Repair

Missing Pilot

Clean Flywheel

New Pilot

Pressure Plate

Drive Plate

Clutch Done

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesPassenger Footwell & Floorpan Repair

Footwell Primed

POR15 / Weld Prep

Drilled Floorpan

Footwell Welds

Lots of Plug Welds

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesPassenger Dogleg Repair

Added flange

Set in place

MIG in place

Begin grinding

DA Sand

Temporary Fill

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesPassenger Lower Wing Repair

Rear wing rust

Rear wing no bumper

Inner arch rust

Panel removed

Rear wing prep

New panel in place

Welded and ground

Fill-in rear hole

Wheel arch repaired


Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesRear Wing Bead Repair

Right bead rust

Bead removed

Slot opened up

Bead brazed and primed

Left Wing Bead

Repaired and primed

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesRear Brake Repair

Left top half

Left lower half

POR-15, New piston

Finished brake

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