The MGB Realm
"We Can rebuild Him"  (1977 MGB Re-assy)

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesCockpit Bead blast, Self-etch Urethane prime, Urethane Base and Clear

Driver footwell

Footwell beaded

Passenger footwell

Footwell beaded

Front 1

Front 2

Front 3

Front beaded

Sealer out


Rear 1

Rear Beaded

Front Prime

Rear Prime

Cockpit Painted (Front)

Cockpit Painted (Rear)

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesEngine Bay stripped, blasted, Self-etch Urethane prime, Urethane Base and Clear

Chemical Strip 1

Chemical Strip 2

Chemical Strip 3

Chemical Strip 4

Bead Blast

Bead Blast done

Por-15 coated

Por-15 Tie Coat Prime

Right inner arch

Right inner arch cleaned

Right arch Por-15 and Primed

Left inner arch cleaned

Left arch Por-15 and Primed

Urethane base and clear 1

Urethane base and clear 2

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesFront Suspension Reassembly

Hub and Rotor

Nasty Hub

Clean Hub

Hub Reassembled

Old & New Swivels

Pull-off Crossmember

Left Side

Right Side

Rusted before

Rustproofed & Painted

Right Side shock & arms

New Swivel

Left Rotor/Hub installed

Right Rotor/Hub installed

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesEngine Bay Reassembly

Full Bay

Right Side

Left Side

Motor & O/D Gearbox


Helping hand

Almost in

Seated Motor

Right Side

Left Side

One more

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesRear Axle Reassembly

Ready to remove

Rear Out

Left Drum Side

Right Drum Side

Striped and Ready

Left end view

POR-15, new lines

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesRear Underside Repaint

Under boot Floor

Above Fuel Tank

Scaped Clean

Battery box repair

Missing Hanger Bracket

New Hanger Bracket

POR-15 Floor

Another View

Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesBoot Repaint

Rusty Boot

Another View

Patching Holes

More Patching


More Stripping


Another View

Tie Coat Primer

Another view

Rubberized Undercoat ...

and Speckled Trunk Paint


Mgbmblem50.jpg - 2533 BytesCockpit Trim

New Dash Vinyl

Re-faced Dash installed

Foil Insulation

Another Foil Shot

Sound Damper

New Carpets


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